No matter what season you visit Dalarna in Sweden, there are always adventures to explore and experience. Dalarna welcomes all - adults, and children in any ages. Ski slopes of all kinds, zoos for a nice experience of Swedish animals, summerland and agua park that bring the extra joy on the trip. You will also find sites on UNESCO's list and great hiking trails in beautiful and lush Swedish nature.

Hårtbröd-från-Dalarna-Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå Ungdomar-i-dalarna-Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå En-ljusblå-bubbla-i-dalarna-Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå Resor-till-Dalarna-i-Sverige-Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå

The adventure begins at the wilderness kingdom – Dalarna in Sweden. Dalarna’s wilderness kingdom has received an award from the World Nature Fund and shows Dalarna’s calm and beautiful side. You will find many interesting and areas filled with new adventures. A lot of ski resorts to explore and enjoy in all levels. Sälen, Romme and Idre peaks are just a few. To wander through Siljan brings you the valleys of the valleys.

Hideaway in Dalarna – Falun

Falun and Kopparbergslagen on the UNESCO’s world heritage list are located in Dalarna, and mining and museum are located in Falun. After a long day with many impressions and activities, you may relax with a cup of coffee on cozy local cafes and plan new exciting adventures. Why not go into a small shop and bring the famous red horse from Dalarna home – it’s a nice memory.

Unique travel tips on trips to the Valleys

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