Sweden's magical summer island, Gotland has everything - sun, unique scenery, fantastic restaurants and relaxing soft beaches. Visby, a typical Hanseatic city with a ring wall is a world heritage site. There is a botanical garden, medieval church ruins and the Almedalen, which was a center for port traffic in the Middle Ages.

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Gotland – Sweden’s summer island, is an island full of opportunities, for either high tempo or complete relaxation. Don’t miss a visit to Fårö, Furillen, Hemse and Holmhällars rauk field. The island is best experienced on foot or by bicycle. After long days of hiking or sunbathing, there are many nice restaurants to settle on and why not try the saffron pancake. There is plenty of sun and bath on Gotland – Tofta, Ljugarn and the Blue Lagoon are just a few.

Discover the history of Gotland

Everything from the medieval week to the nature reserve at Gotland in the old harbor. A place where exciting encounters occur between sea and land, between present and past. Gotland’s raukar is nature’s own art that is shaped by weather and wind. A medieval church in each parish gives 92 pieces! Stora Karlsö, one of the oldest nature conservation areas in the world. The peaceful limestone island is a unique animal and nature experience, but also a place for sun and swimming.

Unique travel tips on trips to Gotland

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