Experience an adventure you've never done before. Feel like a polar explorer as you glide through a sparkling winter landscape - learn how to run a dog sledge - it really kicks off your adrenaline. Go on an exciting snowmobile safari that will give you the opportunity to encounter the rare snow leap. Events, kick-off and conference trips are organized in Lapland - Sweden's Nordic paradise.

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Lapland’s exciting and magical nature enchant. It is a magic natural experience and a beautiful way to discover and be enchanted by the magical northern lights. When dancing over Lapland’s sky in a spectacular way without its like, you are surrounded and embraced in crispy cold nature and a starlit sky – then you lean back and discover that you’re not dreaming. Enjoy gourmé food made from locally sourced ingredients and inspired by the wilderness.

Kick-off or conference in Lapland – what an adventure

Welcome to Kick-off in Lapland! What an amazing invitation to receive as a co-worker. Many companies bring their employees on great adventure suitable both for the company’s kickoff, or smaller private events. The conference never resembles this adventure and the teams can share unforgettable memories together – a journey together they talk about for the rest of their lives. Hike over ice-covered waters, visit national parks, experience museums with different exhibitions and history – Lapland’s selection of activities and experiences makes the event and the company’s kick-off complete.

We arrange Kick-offs, events and conference trips to Lapland

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