Norrland - Sweden's “nature jewel”. Beautiful, exciting and wonderfully powerful. There is much to discover. Hike in the High Coast, climb Kebnekaise and after long days in nature - why not check in at Norrland's pearls? The Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi or Tree Hotel. Experience three countries at the same time in Treriksröset and see the northern lands near scooter safari - unforgettable.

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Does the story of the Witches in Torsåker attracts? The place became the center of witch hysteria in Sweden between 1668-74. Experience rich culture in Gammelstaden near Luleå and visit the national park in Skuleskogen. The tunnel caves at the Smitingen sea bath in the municipality of Härnösand, are located in a beautiful natural area and a popular location for lazy days on the beach. Why not visit the market in Jokkmokk which is lively and entertaining.

The High Coast of Norrland

The list is endless on destinations and things to discover and experience in Norrland. Crossing the Ångerman River on the High Coast bridge suspension between Härnösand and Ullånger is powerful. How about a wonderful hike on the Kungsleden between Abisko in the north and Hemavan in the south? The heart of the High Coast is Ulvön, which has been producing “Surströmming” for more than 100 years, arranging a very unique acid streaming premiere each year. Cannot be explained – must be experienced!

Unique travel tips on trips to Norrland

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