Öland is the smallest landscape in Sweden, a fantastic gem not to be missed. Beautiful scenery, lovely local cuisine, wonderful miles-long sandy beaches, nature reserve, Stora Alvaret - World Heritage Site in South Öland. Surprising are the 32 different orchids that grow here. Don't miss the island's landscaping Kroppkakor & Lufsa ... really yummy!

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Öland offers an exciting and long history in countless rune stones and other ancient remains. Stora Alvaret in the southern part of the island has been used since the Stone Age and has traces of significant human activity in the form of villages, agriculture and livestock management. Eketorp’s ancient castle is a must, an interesting and enriching experience for all history lovers who come to Öland.

Versatile and fascinating Öland

With nearly 500 km of coastline, 50 bath locations, just over 350 “Öland-mills”, more than 20 ancient castles and countless activities for young and old, the island is a safe card for spending your holiday. It is only your own wishes and interests that set the boundaries for the level and pace during your vacation. How about a guided adventure-running? Water scooter, kayak, SUP, sofa & rib boat!? Everyone finds their own activity or quiet nook.

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