Österlen in Sweden

The charming small towns of Österlen, the romantic and idyllic landscapes, and the beautiful sandy beaches will enchant you. Discover the city through chocolate, local cider and eel gill. Discover local and exciting history by visiting the antiquarian or blue-collar mill, a wonderful and interesting experience that you will never forget. Take in the summer landscape with countless things to offer.

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In Österlen in Sweden you may start your adventure on the slopes of Brösarp, take the train through the landscape to see the idyllic landscape. Bring some good food on an all-day trip and hike over hills, sit on a top and enjoy the view and your packed lunch. Another full-day excursion you may enjoy is to visit the various castles and manor houses found in th region.

Taste the Österlen in Sweden

Experience a real eel bite in an eel booth between Åhus and Sandhammaren, a gathering where you eat different eel dishes and get to know the region up close. Do not miss to visit the Kivik’s cider factory, and enjoy a lemonade or apple juice. Finish your full-day excursions, with a pearl –  The chocolate factory Österlen-chocolate, they have one or two pralines to offer.

Unique travel tips on trips to Österlen

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