Swedish mountains

In the Swedish mountains, there is a place for everyone. An unforgettable adventure - dog sledding, off-piste skiing, scooter safaris and a lot more! Travel with your family? Ski resorts like Idre, Vemdalen and Sälen are perfect destinations for you. More and more companies arrange their Kick-offs and corporate conferences in the Swedish mountains - it’s perfect for everyone.

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Discover Sweden – the tree line, “Storfjällsgraven” with its exciting history and the beautiful surrounding in the Swedish mountains. Experience unspoiled nature, beautiful views and Swedish history. Warm up together in front of the fire with some coffee or hot chocolate – something very special and unique at “Storfjällsgraven”. If you want to visit these sights, we recommend dog sledding – cozy with the dogs included!

Superb skiing in Sweden

Blue, red or black slopes, the skiing in the Swedish mountains offers all that and always some more. Striving for off-piste? The best off-piste skiing can be found either in Kittelfjäll or at the national border. Ski destinations like Åre, Idre, Vemdalen have nice slopes and cozy coffee shops. Enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with a crispy waffle served with whipped cream and jam, while you enjoy the swedish nature at its best.

Unique travel tips about travel to the Swedish mountains

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