The West Coast

The West Coast in Sweden is also known as “The Best Coast”. A summer at Sweden's fine coast gives you a summer with all the things you are looking for - sunbathing and spending your lazy days at the fantastic beaches, as much ice cream as you want, many activities and a beautiful nature for wonderful walks. Visit the very famous Smögen bridge, several nature and wilderness areas and you may test your fishing luck in one of the richest fishing parts of Sweden.


When traveling around on the West Coast in Sweden, we recommend a stopover. You may find quiet and luxurious campsites and you are never idle… windsurfing, dancing in the evenings, fun activities in the kids’ clubs, nice walks along the shallow sandy beach, and wonderful surroundings in nature in beautiful Stening to explore together with artists and musicians who are attracted by the intense and well known light from the sea.

Explore the gems of the West Coast in Sweden

The Nordic Ark, Capri Nature Reserve, Haverdals Beach, the list is long with places and sites to explore. There is something for everyone – for the adventurer, the active or for those who just want to take it easy and for the family members – big or small. In addition to Smögen, it is highly recommended that you also visit Orust with the eight-mile Pilgrim Trail. The archipelago idyll on the island is tangible and unforgettable and should be experienced on foot so you won’t miss attractions such as Ålgårdshamn or Svens Altare.

Unique travel tips on trips to the West coast

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