The Netherlands

Visit the country of windmills and tulips and enjoy the endless beautiful scenery. With its canals, villages, cities, close to the sea and winding bike paths, we see the Netherlands as a perfect choice for holidays. Be captivated by beautiful landscapes that once inspired famous artists.


Vincent van Gogh, Jan Vermeer and Frans Hals beautiful paintings show how they were exalted, and inspired by the country’s flora and landscape that characterizes the Netherlands so well. The artist Rembrandt’s home town, Leiden is today famous for just its beautiful canals. Stroll along the gurgling canals which are in many places lined with historic Renaissance buildings.

The Netherlands offer so much more

Amsterdam is a wonderful city with unsuspected charm, but it offers so much more. Take a side trip to Haarlem, located just outside Amsterdam, or the political capital, Hague that is filled with museums and restaurants. Let us inspire you to experience all that makes the country so attractive to us northerners. For those who are interested in flora and fauna, as is, for example, the world’s largest flower garden, the Keukenhof in Holland.

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