Turkey is almost twice as big as Sweden and holds a very diverse culture and nature. Many think of it as a small continent of its own where history and future meet and connects Europe with Asia. Istanbul is a strategic center and hub for air traffic and business between the continents.


The climate in Turkey is a temperate Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet and cold winters, but conditions can be much harsher in the drier inland. South Coast resort areas are modern and popular with visits from curious tourists from all over the world. The Anatolian hinterland is like travel back in time. Far to the east is the nature Central Asian, with wide grassy plains, snow-capped volcanoes and soda lakes.

A unique mixed food culture in Turkey

Turkish food is unique and special and will take you on a journey of culinary dining experiences you cannot get anywhere else. Get great flavors with influences from the Middle East and the Mediterranean countries. You get all you need for a great beach holiday in Turkey. Beaches, nice sun and relaxed environment, lively resorts and a clear blue sea which invites you to beautiful and long strokes. For the more active that thrive on land, there are exciting experiences of nature that invites for long walks.

Unique travel tips about travel to Turkey

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Places in Turkey

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