Ukraine is Europe's second largest country measured by surface. The country was liberated from the Soviet Union in 1991. It became a difficult emancipation and the country has been struggling since then to stabilize. But the country has a long history and exciting culture for the curious traveller. The famous author Tjekov lived in Yalta the last years of his life.


Tjekov’s sister built a museum in memory of him with several of his works exhibited. His life can be more or less followed step by step. In the capital Kiev you will find charming streets as the most famous – Andriyivsky vzviz. Visit beautiful galleries, cozy and lively cafes, restaurants and shops. Here is also the Chernobyl Museum which testifies to the worst nuclear accident of all time.

Market in Kiev, Ukraine

In the old town of Kiev, there is the large, bustling and perhaps a bit chaotic market Bessarabsky – a must-visit which will be a fun experience. The local population is hospitable and you may get in contact with some. Get some local travel tips served… Hike in beautiful nature with waterfalls as a destination or visit The Wine Tasting Hall in Yalta. Surprisingly, however, several vineyards in Yalta are known for making very good wines.

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