Kiev and Chernobyl

With direct flights from Arlanda in Stockholm, it takes just over two hours to Kiev - Ukraine's capital - with more domes than Moscow and in addition beautiful architecture, good food and friendly locals, Kiev is an excellent destination for a weekend trip. Chernobyl is not far away - the home city of the greatest nuclear accident of all time.

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Kiev has more domes than Moscow, has beautiful architecture, good food and a friendly population. The most famous church is Santa Sophia with its golden domes, and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Other domed churches in central Kiev are St. Michael and Saint Andrew. Visit the monastery complex Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, where you come by metro. Kiev has many nice and good restaurants.

Visit Chernobyl while in Kiev

The square Maidan came into focus in the end/beginning of 2013/2014 and that was where the uprising started and the demonstrations were going on. It was also here that the Orange Revolution was played out in 2004. The square’s full name is Majdan Nezaleznosti, which means the Independence Square. It is divided into two of the paradise street Khreschatyk. When you are in Kiev visit Chernobyl, which is popular after the TV series with the same name. The interest for Chernobyl has increased and people while visiting Kiev, more and more goes on a daily excursion to Chernobyl. Visit the abandoned villages around and the ghost town of Pripyat where time stoped in 1986. A reminder for everyone and it is unimaginable that such a technical disaster could happen.

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