Fundu Lagoon

Barefoot luxury on beautiful and pristine Pemba Island with Robinson Crusoe feeling for real. Charming and rustic buildings in an exotic vegetation on the most beautiful beaches you can imagine in the Indian Ocean. Maritime, extraordinary, complete enjoyment - you have reached the paradise...

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Pemba Island is a paradise unknown to most but undoubtedly an exotic island with unique conditions for anyone who longs for dreamy destinations. The dolphins greet willingly and welcoming, the dive is enchanting and unbeatable, and the holiday paradise Pemba Island is only reachable by boat – the Robinson Crusoe feeling is tangible and magical. Visit the mangroves by kayaking – you become one with nature.

It’s easy to let go at Fundu Lagoon on Pemba Island

Fundu Lagoon at Pemba Island is a recurring winner of “Best Marine Safari” at Good Safari Guide. The destination is a gem for all visitors – couples looking for romance, families who want to share unforgettable memories and experiences together and for the active companionship sharing the same “bucket list”. Regardless of the purpose and meaning of the trip to Fundu Lagoon on Pemba Island – it promises complete beyond anticipation of service, enriching experiences both on and under the water and world class spa treatments.

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