Hong Kong

A world metropolis without it’s like - Hong Kong, both a city and an island. The skyscrapers are stately and feel impenetrable but surprisingly small gems appear on the street level. Historic temples, an exciting boat trip, cool shopping, technological marvels and world-renowned gourmet restaurants.

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East meets west in Hong Kong and often we stay a couple of nights before the journey continues eastwards to Australia and New Zealand. Victoria Peak, the 554 m mountain, is the highest point in the Island. A must-visit on the trip – it is said that this is one of the world’s most beautiful views of a city.

Restaurants in Hong Kong – an adventure

Trendy, romantic, classic, gourmet with Michelin stars … it’s not hard to find something you like. The whole world cuisine is represented but try and taste the typical local dishes such as Dim Sum, hot pot, noodles, roasted goose and duck. Opening hours? No – you can eat around the clock. Round off the day with the light show A Symphony of lights – 40 buildings blink together and create a magical framing of the harbor.

Unique travel tips about travel to Hong Kong

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