Maldives is a paradise of tropical islands with palm trees, white sand beaches and azure seas. Further, the islands are excellent spots for snorkelers and divers. Resorts have adapted more and more to families - bring your children to the paradise.


The Maldives welcome wedding couples, honeymooners, lovers of life, families with children in all ages, young and old and everyone who just enjoys being and wants to relax on their holidays with sun, bath and good food – this is paradise! Of a total of 1192 islands there are hotels and resorts in all price ranges of 90 of them – there is a lot to choose from.

Bring your children to the Maldives – they love it!

We at Nygren & Lind Travel agency have traveled to the Maldives many times. We know what island and hotels or resorts you should choose to get the most out of your dream holiday, and that also matches your travel budget. A lot of activities for the children mean that everyone in the family gets a fantastic trip together with memories to share for all time. Check with us which hotels or resorts are suitable for your family regardless of size and interests.

Unique travel tips about travel to Maldives

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