Mark Twain thought that Mauritius was created before paradise. That God was so pleased with the island that he copied it, called his copy of the "heaven" and decided that humans should come there when they die. You will notice why on arrival, during the holidays and on departure when you planning your return…


Mauritius, an island made up of lagoons with beautiful beaches, surrounded by palm trees and protected by a colorful coral reef. The warm hospitality of the locals will meet you right away on your island. It may seems far awya but with only three hours time difference, you start your holiday already on arrival and there is a lot of activities to choose from – or not. It’s up to you. Mauritius offers something for everyone.

Mauritius’s versatility enchants all visitors

During the day between the swimming and the nice hours in the sun bed, you can snorkel, surf and sport in your own pace. The island also offers beautiful excursion destinations, so if you are tired of lying still, you can take a bike ride in nearby areas or rent a car to explore the island. We promise you culinary experiences from the local cuisine … an advice is to enjoy their well-known local seafood.

Unique travel tips about travel to Mauritius

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