Let yourself be embraced by the cordiality of the multi-culinary island of Réunion. Located in the Archipelago of Mascarenes, where the water is crystal clear and multicolored fishes swim among coral reefs. Bike on the crooked roads of the rainforest or experience the unique flavors flowing in the kitchen. Here are plenty of experiences!


The people on the island come from all continents of the world. Explosive taste experiences, different rituals and several cultures can be experienced here. Visit the market and feel the aroma from turmeric, vanilla and coffee beans of the mild Bourbon Pointu coffee. If you want to learn how to cook the delicious Réunion cookies, one of the island’s delicacies, this is a perfect opportunity.

Go for an unforgettable picnic on the island of Réunion

Hike in the damp, moss green rainforest whose paths are lined with flowers and listen to the hundreds of different animal sounds bouncing among the tree peaks. Paddle canoe or experience an unforgettable boat trip to watch whales and dolphins. Immerse yourself in Reunion’s history, its legacy and different traditions where music and dance have a big impact. Finish the day with the homemade cookies on a picnic in true local atmosphere.

Unique travel tips about travel to Reunion

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