Imagine getting away to a place that has long been a paradise in a dream. A place where the beaches are almost empty and where tranquility is found in its natural form.


The Seychelles is that dream that during a trip becomes reality. Nature is unspoiled and green granite islands jutting up from the sea, surrounded by white sandy beaches. The black granite stones with their soft forms give a cool contrast. Palm trees swaying and the sea is clearly blue so that the snorkeling mask can be left on the land. The country’s 100 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean north of Madagascar. The sea is rarely operated why tranquility is completely present basically everywhere. To use the word luxury feels just right and then given to the part of untouched nature. Of course, this means a high level of service, but most of the major part of a secret paradise waiting just for you and the one you most of all would like to share it with.

Let curiosity take their expression as there is much exciting to see and do. On bicycle it is entirely appropriate to locate an unspoiled beach and camp for the day. Or an early morning, just before sunrise, take on real shoes (even if barefoot is the official dress code) and embark on any of all the exciting walking trails.

Maybe it will lead to a vantage point or to a beach that had previouslt only been visited by turtles and occasional two-legged animals. You can also enjoy paradise and spend hours in the shade of a palm tree and just watch. It is a self-evident story that awaits, and best of all is that the main carachter of the story can be you!