The Kingdom of Jordan is a small country with amazing and fascinating discoveries. Friendly locals take care of you from the very first moment and they are happy to talk about their country. Experience captivating desert landscapes, stay at luxury hotels, hot sun and loveley beaches at the Red Sea. Make sure to enjoy Jordan's history.


Jordan is a fascinating and multifaceted country with remains as far back as 17000 before Christ. All the great civilizations around the Mediterranean have left tracks, but the country is not just history and rich culture – it is so much more than that. Here you can combine culture and history in the desert with sun and bath at the Red Sea.

Petra in Jordan – the most important place

Visit the modern city of Amman and visit the beautiful mosques or art galleries crowded in the city. Or, do a hike in Petra – the city emitted from the mountain is the most famous place in Jordan and the country’s most valuable treasure. Petra was named one of seven wonders in 2007. The mystique is apparent and the construction will amaze you. Stay in the desert – an experience you’ll never forget!

Unique travel tips about travel to Jordan

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