Once upon a time ... Sindbad the seafarer, the incense route and the Holy three kings — Oman's exciting and eventful history now belongs to general education. Dramatic landscape in harmony with long, beautiful beaches makes the trip magical.


The proud people and amazing countryside behind these legends, however, is still a well-guarded secret, that is really worth discovering.Oman lacks everything that is big, arrogant and loudly. But like this makes it an unusual destinations and gives visitors coming from a busy world the opportunity to simply be human and sharpen their wits. The name means they see colors, inhaling fragrant scents, viewing horizons, physically experiencing extreme contrasts and forget time and space in the endless landscape.

Colorful, mysterious and hospitable – welcome to Oman

With kindness, openness and a great inner peace the people greets and welcomes tourists. Omanis are proud of what they have built up over the last 40 years as Sultan Oaboos has ruled. We live today in a modern State and yet in harmony with the old traditions. Progress does not necessarily mean that they lose their cultural identity and humanity — again, this is an impressive experience for everyone who visits Oman.

Unique travel tips about travel to Oman

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