A small country with a wide range of exciting experiences. Perhaps in the shadow of popular Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman - but exciting features characteristic of the region are also in Qatar in the form of golden sand dunes that flow through the mighty desert to the Inland Sea, which is a major lagoon on the border with Saudi Arabia.

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A must-see excursion in Qatar, is a desert experience with 4-wheel drive jeeps. Pausing on the camel back for the one who wishes. Even sand-skiing and sand-boarding provide ultimate kicks and snorkeling in the clear waters is a true pleasure. Finish the day around the campfire in a Bedouin-camp with today’s dinner on the grill. It’s a magical experience under a starry sky.

“The pearl” in Qatar is shaped like an oyster

Stay in Doha for shopping in malls of various sizes, visit lively and fascinating markets – Souq Waqif with falcons, spices, crafts and souvenirs – and take in historical cultural experiences in local museums. “The pearl” – an artificial island – shaped like an Oyster with international fashion houses, symbolizes the important story of Qatar’s traditional industries – pearl diving and fishing. The place is an experience in itself …

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