United Arab Emirates

These seven emirates are known for their oil reserves and notable expansion in recent years. Tourism is big and cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi beckons with luxurious hotels and impressive buildings.


The United Arab Emirates consists of seven emirates – Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, the Fujairah, Ras al- Khayma, Sharja and Umm al-Qaywayn. These small areas have undergone an incredible transformation over the past 50 years since oil was found. An extensive modernization has taken place since the 90’s and the standard of living is now incredibly high.

The United Arab Emirates is the hub for world tourism

In the past, these areas near the Persian Gulf were small desert states that earned a living from smuggling and fish ing –now from international trade and entertainment centers. Dubai declared before the turn of the century that they wanted to create a world-class tourism center and nowadays have a few of the world ‘s most spectacular buildings, over 300 luxury hotels and some thirty huge shopping center. The capital, Abu Dhabi is not far behind, with its Formula 1 Circuit and the world’s fastest roller coaster. The United Arab Emirates offers a large and beautiful desert, ultra modern architecture, long beaches, shopping galore, world famous golf courses and diving among exciting shipwrecks.

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