Montenegro consists of 60 percent mountains, 30 percent coastal landscapes and 10 percent lakes. The country is approximately the same size as Skåne and has five lovely national parks. There are high mountain peaks, deep gorges and large lakes. Kotor Bay is southern Europe's largest fjord and is magically beautiful.


Montenegro has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and autumns. There are two ski areas with snow over 100 days a year, from around December to April. There are plenty of vineyards and the local grape makes very good red wine. We recommend a visit to one of the charming fishing villages with their stone houses.

The largest tourist resort in Montenegro – Budva

Do not miss a visit to Budva, Montenegro’s largest tourist resort on the coast. Behind the thick and powerful ring wall, all houses look old, but in fact, many are rebuilt after a major earthquake in 1979. From the ring wall, we look down on narrow alleys and green farms. Not many locals live in the town but here are plenty of restaurants and shops with everything from traditional crafts to exclusive brands.

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