Surf the waves, snorkel in the idyllic water, climb the mountains, hike among vineyards or sail at sunset. Experience the iconic city of Sydney or go to the cultural capital of Melbourne. Combine multiple cities and travel around or take a city by time. Australia has a lot to offer for the curious!


The beautiful opera house and stately Harbor Bridge prints many postcards, but the city of Sydney has much more to offer. There are national parks and beaches, as well as mountain and wine regions in the area. Experience the city’s pulse with bars, galleries, sports stadiums, museums and restaurants and then relax in one of the city’s over 40 beautiful beaches.

Discover Australia and dine at one award-winning restaurant!

Australia can be explored over and over again. It is said that if you have visited the country, you always want to go back. Visit Melbourne with its big harbor and dine at one of the award-winning restaurants. Combine the trip with another city, such as Perth, in Western Australia. Here is it an quiet and relaxed lifestyle, lots of sun is also given! After the job, many residents usually go to the beach for a swim, surf or a barbeque, you should join if you have the opportunity.

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