The former capital of Australia, Melbourne, is a major port city in the southeastern part of the country and the capital of the Australian state of Victoria. The city may not compete with Sydney's all cultural and historical experiences - but is steadily popular and attracts tourists from all over the world. Attractions and entertainment are available in plenty - here too.

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At the heart of the city is the well-known Queen Victoria Market, which is the largest outdoor market in the southern hemisphere. An experience and a fun activity that will surely keep you a whole day. You are at the birthplace of cricket so the mood of the matches is something very unique although you may not understand the rules of the game.

Res till Melbourne på våren

The finest time in Melbourne is in the fall – early spring for us in the Nordic countries from March to May. In March, the annual wine and food festival is organized – a 14-day rewarding experience where you explore good wines and eat good food. At the same time, Melbourne is the most beautifully clad in blazing trees that accentuate the city’s Victorian buildings beauty. If you continue in the Australian wilderness, a visit to the City Zoo may be superfluous or a visit to one of Melbourne’s most popular tourist destinations – the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. But stroll around the city center and see the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens and Hoddle Grid’s historic arches and alleys.

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