The green jungle, countless beaches, active volcanoes and dreamy sunsets, divided into eight islands. The islands suits the adventurous divers and surfers as well as the whale beholders. Go for a whale and dolphin safari or just sail in the evening breeze on a catamaran. Surfing, beaches and sunsets-welcome to the paradise Hawaii.


Winter is the peak season for surfing! The major surf competitions are organized in January each year. Come see the world champions on the waves or try to stand on the board yourself. Oahu is home to the capital of Honolulu, hike up on the Diamond Head crater or enjoy culinary experiences in Chinatown. The population’s response is always according to “the aloha spirit”.

Experience colorful sunsets in Hawaii

The Big Island is the largest island and has active volcanoes and lava beaches. Maui is a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons as there are many romantic resorts and an incredibly beautiful mileage. The Hawaiian Island has something for everyone and for all occasions. No wonder given the amazingly beautiful and colorful sunsets that happen every night. Travel here and find your own personal piece of paradise.

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