Santorini Secret Suite & Spa

Santorini Secret Suite & Spa is "carved" in the mountain of the city of Oia on one of the most beautiful islands in Greece - Santorini. This Greek island is well-loved by photographers from all over the world who are attracted to the island's typical and beautiful Greek colors and landscapes. Who has not seen a postcard from Greece with motives from Santorini ...

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You are pampered by luxury and tranquility from the first second you arrive, and you quickly end up in the “holiday pace” you longed for. It is peaceful and magical among light and stylistic interior – so typical of Greece. The restaurant serves the best food on the island as the Black Rock Restaurant has been voted the island’s best – a gastronomic trip can be expected.

Trips to Santorini with luxury accommodation

The suites all have private terraces and pools. Santorini Secret Suite & Spa is a very personal and nice hotel. Put together your own spa package that can be enjoyed in the suite or in the villa. In the evenings, the world’s most beautiful sunset over Oia can be admired. With tips from a superb concierge service, you have every opportunity to take care of the beautiful sceneries and sights of the island – from the sea, the air or on foot.

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