South and Central America

South and Central America has some of the world's best beaches with its long coastlines and many hours of sunshine. Wine Region and Tango Culture in Argentina, Cultural Heritage in Peru Macchu Picchu, Brazil's Sambarytms and Long Beaches, Costa Rica Nature and Wildlife - countless experiences to choose from.


Central America’s countries between southern and north america attracts backpackers and adventurous travelers from all over the world. Tropical rainforest covers large parts of southern lowlands. With culture and roots from Africa, Europe and Indian high culture, the journey through Central America is very exciting and interesting. Food, history and people offer a lot of surprises in terms of taste, strength and joy.

A round trip in South and Central America is recommended

A lot to choose from is both good and sore. You want to experience the most possible on your holiday and Central and South America are two continents that require a longer holiday to optimize your joy of life. Many travel back to complete their travel experiences. Unrivaled diving, magnificent sceneries, world-renowned wine district, sun and bath, wonderful cuisine – the continent shines with attractive destinations and experiences.

Unique travel tips about travel to South and Central America

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Places in South and Central America

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