Popular and lovely Argentina is a fantastic country that is affordable, exciting and full of contrasts. A trip from Scandinavia requires a longer tailor made program to experience Argentina properly. From compulsory tango in Buenos Aires to horseback riding in beautiful Patagonia or what about a hotel in pure eco-tourism style in Pampa?


In Buenos Aires you enjoy good food, good wine and experience a tango show before flying on to Patagonia or to other adventurous places. Experience the desert and wilderness from the horseback. Feel in one with the captivating, flat and humanless landscape. Wine production attracts passionate wine connoisseurs from all over the world and of course a wine tasting is a must. The grapes thrive in the climate, which gives warm, dry days and chilly nights. Mendoza has a strong competitor in Patagonia.

Roundtrips in Argentina – tailor made program

To make the most of your trip to Argentina – South America’s longest country – we recommend a tailor made program. At least 3-4 weeks depending on what you want to experience. Argentina has many dream destinations in South America whit countless destinations to visit which make it hard to choose from. Buenos Aires is usually the start of the trip. Stay for three nights before your flight continues to Patagonia or Pampas for magnificent nature experiences. Rainforest with waterfalls, climbing glaciers or to the south tip of polar antlers – 340 miles from north to south – six different climate regions give the country a varied climate. It takes time to experience Argentina but worth every penny and minute.

Unique travel tips about travel to Argentina

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