Not to commence with the fiery tango dance in Buenos Aires would be a mistake. The dance was created in the city's ports before it came to Paris and became a part of the fashion in Europe. When you listen to Taube's lyrics, you understand that the city and the dance are the heart of romance - it is mysterious, passionate, fiery and fascinating.

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The impressions and contrasts are many and the indigenous diversity is characterized by deep culture and exciting history. In one of 48 neighborhoods we find the Italian quarter known for its houses with sheet metal and walls in strong colors. Of course you will find Italian restaurants and cafes. Visit domestic restaurants and try local dishes – it is no secret that some of the world’s finest and most delicious steaks come from Argentina.

Evert Taube made Buenos Aires Swedish

Ever since Evert Taube landed and settled in Buenos Aires in 1910, Swedes have had a wish and desire to travel here. His most famous work was the meeting between Fritiof Andersson and Carmencita. It feels natural to walk in his streets. Sit in a restaurant, eat something good and have a glass of Argentinian wine. You quickly understand why Argentine wines have such good reputation.

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