Argentina's center for the country's most important fruit and wine district is in Mendozia province. Mendoza is also the name of the province's capital in western Argentina. A world-renowned wine district with some of the world's most delicious wine gems is grown here. The climate gives the grapes the best conditions ...

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Besides the around 1000 vineyards that lay idyllic and welcoming, you’ll experience nature scenes in Andes that are difficult to imagine and describe in advance. Wine tasting is self-evident and a natural thing to do, but do combine with other activities such as climbing and hiking.

Add a couple of days in Mendoza

You are quickly captured by a laid-back pace in the city of Mendoza during the day, but the city comes alive in the evenings. Lively bars are many – with or without live music. Of course wine is served everywhere… Dance at night clubs with locals and other visitors from around the world – Mendoza is a very popular destination for anyone who chooses to experience Argentina on a round trip.

Unique travel tips about round trips to Mendoza in Argentina

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