Near the border to Chile south of Argentina, this dramatic landscape Patagonia enchants its visitors. In combination with Buenos Aires on your trip to and around in Argentina, Patagonia is often a destination most people choose to visit on their tour of this long country in South America.

Rundresa-Argentina-till-Patagonien---Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå---joggare-berg Rundresa-Argentina-till-Patagonien---Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå---stugat Rundresa-Argentina-till-Patagonien---Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå---lama Rundresa-Argentina-till-Patagonien---Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå---bergtoppar Rundresa-Argentina-till-Patagonien---Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå---insjö Rundresa-Argentina-till-Patagonien---Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå---hästar Rundresa-Argentina-till-Patagonien---Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå---grill Rundresa-Argentina-till-Patagonien---Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå---glacier Rundresa-Argentina-till-Patagonien---Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå--fågel

The spectacular natural areas with the most amazing rock formations are dream scenarios for artists, nature lovers and explorers. Paintings are created and unforgettable experiences are placed on memories. Getting around in Argentina is the dream of many and together with Buenos Aires, world-renowned wine areas, glaciers and national parks, Patagonia is a natural part of the tour.

Small picturesque villages in Argentina

It’s sparsely between the cities in the beautiful natural areas of Patagonia, but by a beautiful lake lies the small town of El Calafate. Close to hiking areas, the little quaint town is perfect to stay in before embarking on hiking. With our broad contact networks in South America, you have an agent that will take you safely to your locations in Patagonia.

Unique travel tips on your round trip to Patagonia in Argentina

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