Brazil - the giant in South America, it is both the largest country when it comes to surface and population in South America. The land is characterized by the Amazon rainforest in the north and no-one has missed the colorful carnival that travels through Rio de Janeiro in swinging sambarytms every year. But Brazil has so much more to offer ...


Brazil is a big country so a tailor made travel program will ensure that you meet your wishes for travel destinations, suitable accomodation, experience your dreams and the efficiency of your trip will ensure you that you reach the places that you want to visit. You get the flexibility and opportunity to visit the big city, enjoy lazy days at the beach, visit the rainforest and the compulsory stop on every trip to Brazil – the Iguazu falls.

Iguazu falls on Brazil-Argentina border

275 waterfalls around 60-70 meters high, provide a powerful impression. It is located in a national park of the same name. Hike, feel, listen and experience the world’s largest waterfalls close by. Opportunities to cross the border to Argentina and continue the journey in South America is also one of many possibilities. Devils Throat on the Argentine side, however, is admired excellent from Brazil. Test the Brazilian cuisine, characterized by African cuisine, sea delicacies and pots. Also try the well-known Brazilian drink, Caipirinha, made on crushed lime and sugar canes.

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