The vibrant and colorful city, Rio de Janeiro. You get show, wonderful food and will be surrounded by wonderful landscape. You will also find good sports and culture in this city, for example, the well-known talented soccer players can be admired during matches in the arena Maracanã. The biggest culture mark is the amazing and fascinating statue Cristo Redentor, which is an image of Jesus in gigantic format.

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Experience Rio de Janeiro by foot or by bicycle – it’s the best way to get close to Brazilians everyday life. After the bike ride, you may cool off on both Copacabana and Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro’s best beaches. The capital of Brazil is also known for its captivating landscape – surrounded by high beautiful mountains. The smoothest way to get to the top and the most rewarding, is the cable car. You will be amazed by the fantastic views as you reach the top. Sunsets are something quite unique and unforgettable from the cable car.

Everyday life in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is well known for its carnival week, but also for its unique and culinary culture. Should you miss this particular carnival week, there are opportunities to experience some of this through various shows. After an interesting day filled with activities and wonderful impressions, take the opportunity to fill your stomach with something delishes – the typical food in Rio is Feijoada, which is a protein-rich blend of different kinds of meat and black beans. A perfect meal after a long day of hiking or cycling.

Unique travel tips on trips to Rio de Janeiro

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