Colombia in South America borders against Panama and offers curious nature lovers jungle trekking like no other. In one of the country's most spectacular scenery, the prehistoric, hidden city of Ciudad Perdida (the lost city) was discovered by local hikers. Beautiful and stunning coral reefs attract scuba divers from around the world.


The cities, like the old part of Cartagena, pride themselves with beautiful buildings inspired by Spanish colonial architecture in cheerful terracotta colors. Visit the old church with the monastery of San Pedro. As you walk in the charming little neighborhoods, you feel the smell from the local eateries – take a break and enjoy a Colombian coffee or a freshly squeezed juice.

Be surprised in Colombia

The exciting and unique peninsula, La Guajira borders the Caribbean Sea. Here desert and dunes meet the ocean waves. Here you are embraced by silence and simplicity, unlike the city’s intense everyday life. You’ll find peace! On the same peninsula lies the Los Flamencos Sanctuary Nature Reserve, a residence of the Pink Flamingo. It is an unforgettable experience up close. The nature reserve also promotes eco-tourism, which is clearly reflected throughout.

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