Beautiful Costa Rica in Central America, has everything from adventure to pleasant calm. The name Costa Rica means "the rich coast" and symbolizes the richness the country has compared to its neighboring countries, Nicaragua and Panama. Enjoy long beaches surrounded by beautiful scenery against both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

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Costa Rica not only has puddling waterfalls and sunny sandy beaches, but is also known for all its activities in beautiful natural sceneries. How about riding a zipline in the jungle, jump from rocks, go river rafting and climb in volcanic craters? Since the country consists of almost one fifth of nature conservation areas, there is always something to see and explore. San José is the country’s capital, and is famous for its many beautiful theaters and surprising gastronomic discoveries.

Long, beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

Playa Carillo offers long, beautiful beaches with few visitors and a pleasant calm. The water is clear and in the national park and the world heritage Cocos Island, a diver’s dream comes through as it is considered one of the best places in the world to see sharks, rocks, tuna and dolphins. Enjoy the beautiful views, the architecture, the good food and take in Costa Rica’s saying “Pura Vida” – the good life.

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