The equator has given its name to Ecuador. The country stretches from the Amazon pond across the Andes and down to the Pacific coast of South America. Hundreds of miles into the sea lies the Galápagos archipelago, famous for its unique wildlife both above and below sea level. A small country with magnificent sceneries and captivating culture.


In Ecuador everything is within reach. The journey begins in the capital of Quito – be sure to experience the city’s sights. A well-known and well-visited landmark, is Mitad del Mundo which lies north of the capital. The city marks the equator who walks through the country. Here you can stand one foot in the south and one in the northern hemisphere. A very special experience. Quitos are experienced at staggeringly high or more steep heights – whatever you prefer, the exciting adventure is promised.

Galápagos Islands – enjoy the natural experiences on your trip to Ecuador

The amazing Galápagos Islands with their abundant wildlife, usually become part of the trip to Ecuador. Animal lovers and nature lovers get the experience of their lives and, not least, divers diverted by the animal world under the sea surface. Travel to Anderna Mountain with the Lamadjuren, visit the Indian cities of the Amazon jungle and relax on the white beaches of Pacific Ocean. Enter a hotel in everything from budget to luxury accommodation – there is accommodation for all travel budgets. Ecuadorian cuisine is famous for exotic fruits and delicacies from the ocean – try lemon marinated shrimp, a true Ecuadorian culinary dining experience. Soup and pasta with meat are other famous dishes.

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