Guatemala, the country with Mexico in the north, Belize in the northeast, Honduras and El Salvador to the south, impresses its visitors with rich culture, exciting history, striking original architecture and beautiful sceneries. Morgan Freeman, producer and renowned Oscar-winning actor, visited El Mirador - "the first of the world's eight wonders".

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Morgan Freeman, producer and famous Oscar winning actor, visited the pre-Colombian Mayan colony of El Mirador, in the northern region of Petén, Guatemala. He urged the public to visit the destination to see the impressive Mayan structures, among them El Mirador, which he called “the first of the eight wonders of the world”.

Unique hiking in volcano in Guatemala

Experience an exciting and unique walk on a couple of hours in the Pacaya Volcano – when it’s quiet. You are rewarded with a stunning beautiful view. Kaminaljuyu, in the capital – is an archaeological park that shows the city’s important past. The capital’s thousand-year history and culture can be experienced in the network of state and private museums in the city. The ancient city of Antigua Guatemala with its magnificent beauty has been designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Unique travel tips about travel to Guatemala

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