Honduras is located west of Guatemala and El Salvador, and north of Nicaragua. It has as a coast in the north towards the Caribbean Sea and a small coastal strip in the south towards the Pacific Ocean. Honduras surprises its visitors with their pearls in form of historical sites like the Mayan ruins of Copán, pristine dive sites and over a dozen national parks.


The Mayan ruins are located a pleasant mile walk outside Copán. Visitors are welcomed at the main entrance by a tourist center, a sculpture museum, a café and a gift shop. A valuable investment is to hire one of the local guides on the spot who really know their things – you get invaluable history spoken with genuine empathy.

A positive vibe in Honduras

At the research center of whale shark and marine life, you can experience views of the shark biology and experience a snorkeling trip that takes you close to these lovely creatures. When the whales are found, the snorkeling equipment is quickly thrown off and everyone jumps into the ocean with them – an unforgettable experience. There is a long-awaited positive mood in the country. Honduras is open for business and is waiting to be discovered. It is still one of the cheapest countries in the region.

Unique travel tips about travel to Honduras

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