Nicaragua offers a lot of unexpected gems around the country. Granada is a vibrant historical city and provides postcard-motives around every corner with its colorful colonial-style houses. Not far from San Juan del Sure, Playa del Coco Beach is where you can experience the release of baby turtles - a wonderful spectacle that children and adults love.


The nature is beautiful and green and the climate perfect for growing coffee. Coffee plantations are many and Nicaraguan coffee is sold mainly in the Central American countries but has established itself throughout the world. Looking for the ultimate rush? Nicaragua’s versatile geography, intense energy and all-working-attitude, make the country perfect for exciting outdoor experiences.

Pinch-yourself-experiences in Nicaragua

Small paradise in form of no-car-islands with white and the most beautiful imaginable beaches, invites you to dream vacations in the Caribbean Sea. Find the peace and enjoy the life in a bungalow on the beach. At the restaurants, you can enjoy the local food quesillo, nacatamal and vigoron – you will not be disappointed. It’s mandatory with a strong cup of coffee – from Nicaragua! If major cities attract, visit León, the city that has all the capital Managua does not have. Historical buildings, magnificent art collections, international restaurants and an eventful nightlife.

Unique travel tips about travel to Nicaragua

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