Panama is an understated paradise! A junction where two continents and oceans meet. The country is perhaps best known for its famous channel, which in itself is an interesting and exciting destination. but Panama has a lot more to charm you with - beautiful and varied flora and fauna.

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Panama has a wonderful rainforest and is a paradise for animal lovers. A nightly journey in the jungle invites the most courageous to a unique and exciting experience. Note animals such as jaguar, puma, ocelot, marshmallow, monkeys, frogs and lots of different butterflies. What can still be felt as the most exotic is the living Indian culture. Just an hour’s drive from Panama city, you’ll find Embera Indians tribe living in villages along the shores of Chagres River. Those who want to combine adventure with a beach holiday have come true.

Panama between Atlantic and Pacific

We recommend a stop in the capital of Panama City and a natural part of the visit is to see the locks in the Panama Canal. The country has 1160 km of coast both on the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The most famous archipelago is Boa del Toro, which has beautiful unspoilt beaches. At the Pearl of Iceland you can see the whales in July – August, and the water around Isla Coiba is world famous for its unique diving and pristine jungle. More and more curious travelers travel to Panama, a climbing star on the tourist’s bucket lists!

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