In the heart of South America lies the small country of Paraguay. Here you can experience the magic Iguazu waterfalls in the nature reserve or dance in the famous Carnival of Encarnacíon. Visit the capital Asunción - one of the continent's greener and more equal capitals. Here you get a real authentic experience of South America.


Rio Paraguay, the river that flows across the country. If you want to experience the country from the river, a day trip with a sailing boat is a perfect option. Here does cooling winds commute with nature’s rich wildlife. Embraced by the calm, sunset and Paraguay’s lovely atmosphere. This is the perfect place for the hopeless romance and the life-lovers.

Experience the enchanting Iguazu Falls in Paraguay

Encarnacion, also known as “La Perla del Sur”, attracts many to their famous, colorful, celebrated carnival held during February. Encarnacíon offers cozy squares and ancient, preserved historical sites experienced by strolling around. A few hours away are also the 200,000-year-old magic Iguazu Falls. In the steamy warm jungle, there are rainbows and butterflies in all its different colors that you are pleasantly surprised by.

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