Uruguay, the wedged country between Argentina’s long forefinger and Brazil’s giant thumb. In addition to the pleasant climate all year round, the country has the most colorful and most beautiful carnivals, you are easily torn into the rhythm. The long beaches offer the country a spectacular wildlife along the Atlantic coast.


Visit Plaza Independencia Square and experience the blossoming capital of Montevideo’s most famous sights. The city is a vibrant, eclectic place with a rich cultural life, you can stroll around here for hours! South America’s smallest country has a lot to offer for everyone. Enjoy crowded, lively tango bars and relaxing horseback riding tours into the sunset.

Magical sunsets at Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay

The harmonious peninsula of Colonia del Sacramento, where local music is played along the cobbled streets, is located south-west of Montevideo. Here you are embraced by a warm and loving atmosphere. Romantic Rio de la Plata is a great place to watch the sunsets from with your loved ones. If you have already visited the old historical world heritage and have eaten good food in one of the peninsula’s cozy restaurants, take the ferry to Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is only 50 km away.

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