The Caribbean

The Caribbean - the islands Chistopher Columbus once mistook for India. These old pirate waters have now become synonymous with luxury hotels, umbrella drinks, a relaxing atmosphere and beach life.


The Caribbean is more than snorkeling, golf and beaches – in many places awaiting adventure sightseeing on submarine, ziplining through the rainforest, sailing, scuba diving among wrecks and visits to the hometown of reggae, distilleries or forts from World War II.

Awesome versatility in The Caribbean

The island chain consists of both independent states and colonies. Here you will find a fantastic variety regarding language, nature, food and beaches. Some islands can be travel to by boat, others are easier to get to by air. No matter what or which islands you choose to travel, you will get an experience. All the islands have different characteristics; some are flat and desert-like, while others are tropical and mountain covered. Travel to one island, or preferably several, to see what everyone has come to love with the Caribbean and fall in love yourself.

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Places in The Caribbean

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