Aruba is a popular destination for honeymoons when there is much to do, except to admire the beautiful view - horseback riding, rock climbing, sailing, diving, snorkeling and windsurfing.


Aruba has varied landscape with white beaches and turquoise waters of the south seas and strong currents and rocky coast in the north. The country is characterized by its divi divi trees and flat landscape. Here you find some of the Caribbean’s best beaches and the island can boast with lying outside the hurricane belt.

Beaches on Aruba vary according to need

On the island, one can climb the intriguing rock formations, snorkel among shipwrecks or visit donkey and ostrige farms. Climb the 561 steps up to Haystack Mountain on a clear day and see all the way to the coast of Venezuela! The beaches vary according to need and activity – Baby Beach or Boca Catalina is suitable for those who want to snorkel, Hadikurari Beach for those who want to windsurf, Andicuri for those who want to surf, and Druif Beach and Rodgers Beach for those who swim and sunbathe.

Unique travel tips about travel to Aruba

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