Bonaire continues to be recognized as one of the best destinations worldwide for its sustainable tourism - both on land and in the ocean. The island receives several and repeated awards as the best dive destination in the world. With its magnificent reefs that edge the island's coast, divers from all over the world experience their best dives in their lives. One and another pink flamingo will probably show up - it's the country's signature bird

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On Bonaire, you can choose from a wealth of rewarding and stimulating activities, beautiful nature experiences and a beautiful beach life. For those who like to be on land, there are eco-cycling, bird watching, hiking, caving or horseback riding on the beach. Otherwise, maybe sailing or an exciting fishing trip can attract?

The ambience and life of Bonaire is easy and free

Sustainability has been and is very important for Bonaire. The Flamingo Sanctuary is one of southern Caribbean’s most important breeding grounds for the pink Flamingos, and on the sister island Klein Bonaire, surrounded by spectacular coral reefs, the pink Flamingo and turtles are being fed. The ambience and life at Bonaire are easy and free, and the locals are very hospitable. You have a wide range of restaurants – from French, Italian to more international menus. Enjoy the local seafood dishes – you can count on today’s catch on the menu.

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