Dominican Republic

This is where Caribbean heat, pure white beaches and swaying dances such as merengue and bachata meets. Dominican Republic's history has a unique and interesting culture created when different ethnic groups joined together.


It is above all art, music, gastronomy, sports and religion that formed the people. In the Dominican Republic, you notice the influence of Europeans, Africans and to some extent even from Taino Indians. The country was alternately French and Spanish, but eventually became independent in the early 1900s.

Whale safari in Samaná on Dominican Republic

Whale safari is something Samaná is famous for. Largest resort on the peninsula called just Samaná and is the center for whale-watching boat made here during the season from January to February. When it comes to cooking, the country has an extensive and multifaceted history because it has been influenced by Spain, France and other parts of the world. The Dominican food has thus been fantastic flavors and aromas. Try the local kitchen – it makes you happy.

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