French-owned and belonging to the EU - far, far from Europe. This is because Guadeloupe was Swedish-owned a short period more than 200 years ago. The creole culture in a beautiful mix with the French is noted in the calm and nice pace of the island.

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Rainforest, beaches and volcanoes make Guadeloupe one of the most adventurous and exciting destinations in the Small Antilles. It consists of a number of smaller islands and the capital Basse-Terre lies on the lusher main island which is the left wing of the butterfly viewed from above. The East Wing of the butterfly – Grand Terre, offers crispy white beaches with tall and waving palm trees.

Combine the islands in Guadeloupe

Combine Basse Terre and Grand Terre when traveling to Guadeloupe. Both islands will give you a memorable journey full of unforgettable experiences. Sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, exploring, relaxing – an excellent concept for the islands. Pause the days at cozy French cafes with croissants and baguettes, and end the day with a culinary gourmet experience at one of many French restaurants. We have been there and know how you may get a trip beyond your expectation.

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