Jamaica is not only Bob Marley and reggae music's birth country, but also has fantasic opportunities for horseback riding, golfing, kite surfing and diving. You'lpace onl fast get stuck in the reaggea rythms and the layback atmospehere in Jamaica.


Jamaica is known for its friendly smiles and wonderful sunsets. Dazzling white beach in Montego Bay and the impressive waterfall Dunn’s River Falls are magnificent examples of pleasant places to visit. The country is synonymous with relaxation and beaches.

Explore the local kitchen in Jamaica

The capital, Kingston, is the Caribbean’s largest English-speaking city and houses the popular Bob Marley Museum. The town itself is surrounded by the Blue Mountains and has a large port. Explore this hilly island, spend time in nature and taste the jerk spices and local specialties such as bammy or saltfish.

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