St Barths

St Barths has become synonymous with glitz and glamor. Here, celebrities spend their holidays, perhaps because the island boasts with the promise of eternal sunshine and blue skies.


St Barths is a volcanic island surrounded by shallow coral reefs. The snorkeling and windsurfing is stunning and there are over 20 beaches here. The island itself is only 24 square miles and serves as the French societe’s hot spot. Small upscale shops and restaurants line the island.

Mingle with the celebrities on St Barths

The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus and was named after his brother Bartolomeo. St. Barths was a Swedish colony in the 1800s and here the Swedish West Indies Company, a trading company, was formed. The capital Gustavia, once called Carénage, was renamed to Gustavia to pay homage to King Gustav III. The island’s coat of arms symbolically still has three crowns on it. The language, food and culture, however, is French, since the island was later sold to France.

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